Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

more lovely seawigs

Here's a self-portrait I drew this morning at the breakfast table, just using pen, no pencil. I draw very differently when I don't sketch out something first with a pencil. Also, I have no idea what my profile looks like, without a photo, so this is a rough guess. I love my yellow Fisher Price submarine, it's pretty awesome.

I guess you could call it a Seawig. Submarines are very fashionable as island headgear in Oliver and the Seawigs. And speaking of awesome, check out these Seawigs created by @Irishbabyblu and her boys! Have a look at her blog, where she's given details of their construction. Yay! One more weekend until the Tots 100 Seawigs competition comes to an end.

And yesterday a bunch of us bullied translator Daniel Hahn (@danielhahn02) into getting a picture for his new Twitter profile. I went as far as drawing him one, which he has used.

Tags: seawigs

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