Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

draw a shark in the bath!

I'm hearing of more sightings of this picture book in the wild! COMING TO A BATHTUB NEAR YOU.

Come draw silly sharks with me! Feel free to add extra stuff in your bathtub, including yourself! (Do you look cool as a cucumber next to your shark, or are you totally freaking out?) Feel free to tweet me your drawings with the #SharkInTheBath hash tag! (@jabberworks: Keep the drawings kid-friendly if you're an adult, thanks!) You can download this Draw a Shark in the Bath sheet as a PDF here.

I make free downloadable activity stuff to go with all my books, and I'll be posting these soon on my website. There's a Shark colouring sheet here, and feel free to browse and use some of the others!

Edit: Whoo hoo! First Shark in the Bath by @CethanLeahy!

And another by the fab daughter of @caro_smith1!

Check out this drawing tweeted by illustrator/comics artist @AJLillywhite!She explains that it's her daughter offering some of her Christmas prezzies.

La la la... musical interlude by @nalsa!

Full colour by @ADsaxist!

Wow, look at this one by @CuteNosferatu!

By @ednapurviance!

By @JHGHendriks!

By @LivingAbstracts!

By my agent, @JodieHodges31!

By Lucy, tweeted by @sarahyewman!

Oo, it's Lucy again, ramping it up a notch!

By @sisterspooky!

By @SteveSketchesIt!

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