Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

a domestic touch

Here's a little teaser trailer for my super-duper top secret upcoming project! They won't let me say much, but here's a fun minor detail, a wall paper pattern I came up with for it. (Looking at it makes me very happy.)

Last night I went to an Ugly Betty party, where we watched a few back-to-back episodes and had a chocolate and fruit fondue. Getting up for early morning rowing practice was agony, but it was my first time on the river (not just the tank and rowing machines!) so I definitely wanted to be there.

With a brisk wind blowing, I wouldn't say it was 'fun' exactly, but it was good. We rowed between the Cutty Sark dock and the Millennium Dome, back and forth by a big piling that I was sure we were going to run into at some point. The instructor (Alan) put us in a great big flat bottomed 4-person boat called 'the tub'. But even in the tub, we were still pretty wobbly. Alan yelled a lot but really, was very patient with us. After we put away the boat, we newbies tottered next door to the pub to compare notes and have reassuring cups of coffee and bacon sarnies. About half the newbies are French or Belgian, so it's fun hearing the languages go back and forth.
Tags: dfc

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