Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

hourly comic day 2014

Yesterday was Hourly Comic Day and lots of people made them! I hadn't made one since 2008 and I SO wanted to this year. But when the day came around, it was a lonely studio deadlining day; I was kind of bummed out, since I wanted to draw lots of exciting, unusual things happening.

But this way you get to see what happens during a quiet, hardworking day at the studio. My drawing here is very scrappy, not like my book work, but that's okay.

Ah ha ha... I suddenly realise I missed 4pm. OH WELL. But here's a photo of my fab new fake hair from the comic:

I thought making a little comic every hour would distract me from work, but oddly, I think I got just as much work done, or possibly more. I think it's because it felt like I was under surveillance, and I didn't want to draw a comic about, say, how I was on Twitter all day.

Find out more about Hourly Comic Day here (1 Feb every year), and see archives of other people's work! (Also check out the Twitter hash tag #hourlycomicday.) If you missed this, another global comics event is 24-Hour Comic Day, where you draw a whole comic book in 24 hours. It's even more of a marathon than this one; I've never actually done the full 24 hours. But it's a great way of finishing a project. A lot of people struggle with never actually finishing things, and it's easier when you're doing it with other people, all working hard.

One of the best things about doing the Hourly Comic was seeing people who saw I was doing it and were inspired to try it, too. Including a six-year-old! Her mum tweeted me some of the results.

Two others I've been admiring are by Dan Berry (Dan, did you really do anything other than draw that day?) In colour!

And Warwick Johnson Cadwell, who hasn't put them on his blog yet, but you can see them on his Instagram. I love his drawings so much.

And some lovely comics by Gemma Correll, also coloured. Gemma does regular Diary Comics, I really need to check them out more.

By Viviane Schwarz, wild goings-on:

Lizz Lunney, beautiful simplicity:

And thousands more online!
Tags: hourly_comic, webcomic

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