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cakes in space: the poglites

I'm still working like mad on Cakes in Space, my second book with Philip Reeve. Recently I've been drawing some characters called the Poglites. Our main character, Astra, gets her first glimpse of them as they ride up on their scooter:

Usually I put a bit of imaginative effort into our characters, but this time they came ready-made. I first spotted them as chimney pots in the town of Lynton, near Exmoor.

They stand quite proudly in these groups and, truth be told, look slightly sinister.

I posted this photo on Instagram and Philip replied that these had to be our Poglites. We liked their chunky, low-tech Doctor Who look. Like the Daleks, they might have trouble climbing stairs. Philip doodled this in his sketchbook, and that pretty much nailed it.

While Astra's space ship is very tidy, the Poglites' place is a dump. Here's Astra aboard their ship, when everything in the story gets a bit worrying.

Cakes in Space will launch this autumn, the follow-up (but not sequel) to Oliver and the Seawigs.

Other news: the Emirates lit fest has posted an interview with me, about writing and making books. They were asking about writing, and I was rather pleased I managed to work in illustration and comics. I don't know how popular comics are in Dubai and the Middle East, or even how easy it would be to buy comics in Dubai, the city which hosts the festival. Click here to read the interview.

Keep reading here...

And I suppose this folk song is thematically related to Cakes in Space; I like it very much. The whole album on Spotify, The Full English has been cheering me up as I've been working quite long hours. Hope you like it, too!

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