Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shark & unicorn: bathtub adventure

I'm very aware that I've been posting all these event photos, but not many drawings! But I was working yesterday on my Shark and Unicorn comic strip for The Funday Times (a section of The Sunday Times). Here's a little peek at the upcoming strip, from when I was inking it on my lightbox:

And I think I missed the last strip running in the paper while I was deadlining for Cakes in Space. So here it is. I've already put a shark in the bath, but this is the first time it has involved time travel... or not.

Events! I still have some upcoming events! Have a look to see if I'm in your area and come draw with me. :)

Oxford Literary Festival, Sat, 22 March, 12 noon, Corpus Christi College:
Set sail for adventure with Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre! Their book, Oliver and the Seawigs, is full of giggly-but-dangerous monkeys, a near-sighted mermaid and some very big hair. There will be live drawing, ukuleles and lots of laughs.
Book tickets here!

Essex Book Festival, Sat, 29 March, Chelmsford, 2pm, Cramphorn Theatre:
Blast off with Steve Cole and Sarah McIntyre for an afternoon of comic capers. Find out how comics inspire the talented duo and pick up some tips for your own comic creations. Whether you enjoy writing, drawing or simply reading comics, this hour of madcap hilarity with two of the most popular children’s book creators will put a smile on your face.
Book tickets here!

Cambridge Literary Festival, Sat, 4 April, 1pm, Winstanly Lecture Theatre:
Set sail for an adventure with story-telling legends Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre as they introduce their book Oliver and the Seawigs, full of giggly-but-dangerous monkeys, a near-sighted mermaid and some very BIG WIGS. Learn how to draw your own Sea Monkey and let your monkey join in with the silly sea shanty chorus!
Book tickets here!

Tags: shark_and_unicorn, webcomic

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