Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

goodbye, grandpa

My grandpa died today. He won't want to rest in peace; he'll be busy zipping around on his celestial scooter trying to impress the LADIES.

You can see a little comic I made about him a few years ago. And thanks, Daniel Beckett, for your drawing this morning:

Actually, my grandpa WAS a bit of a cyborg, he was always thrilled about the latest gadget that would make him more mobile. Last time I saw him, he almost crashed into a parked car because he wanted to show me how fast he could go on his red Little Rascal. He was endlessly optimistic, a terrible flirt, and so wanted to look good right up to the end that he had all his teeth replaced with new shiny implants a few months before he died.

Grandpa had wonderful people - Mongolian ladies - looking after him at his care home, very near where my aunt and mother live. My aunt and mother (and supporting them, my uncle and dad) were tireless about visiting and taking him to hundreds of hospital appointments and helping him with his treatments. Someone from the care home called my aunt before he went, so my aunt was able to be with him. She says that it was very quiet and he just stopped breathing, so it was as good an ending as could have been hoped for.

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