Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

playing with pens

Here's today's morning doodle, taking a line for a walk (inspired by Paul Klee and Jon Burgerman).

News: Random House in the USA sent me a copy of the proof for the US edition of Oliver and the Seawigs. I'm thrilled it's coming out in America! I wondered if they'd make lots of changes, but it looks pretty much the same, but with 'Mum' changed to 'Mom', and they've given it a series name of 'Not-So-Impossible Tales'. Here's a link to the publisher page; if you live in America or have friends there, it would be awesome if you could spread the word! :)

And hey, monster making in The Guardian with my fab friend and JAMPIRES co-author David O'Connell! Discover ten tips for drawing your own monster, and if you're aged between 3 - 13, you can enter their monster competition!

...Read more here!

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