Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

saturday, the day everything happens

First, I have to show off this fabulous Sea Monkey drawing from Olivia Sell, age 6. She wrote in her e-mail:
Here is a picture of the Sea Monkey that I drew at my house. I drew it after I saw you give a talk at the Emirates Literary Festival in Dubai where I live. I made him have clothes and he’s lost some teeth. He’s shaking water off him because he’s just come out of the sea. His name is “Beep”. I hope you like him. ... I LOVE him! :D

Now, there is SO MUCH STUFF happening around southeast England tomorrow! Check this out, it's almost mind-boggling. First, in Oxford, there's the Phoenix Fest, happening at the Story Museum, with an incredible all-day line-up of comics professionals, including my excellent studio mate Gary Northfield.

Next up, London: Gosh Comics in Soho are celebrating Free Comic Book Day! Again, and incredible line-up!

Essex! You have the Pop Up Festival at your doorstep! Click here to see a PDF of the whole programme.

Oo, and one more in London. I'm a big fan of Isabel Greenberg's comics, and here's her wall at the Pick Me Up festival at Somerset House, near Trafalgar Square. Again, an amazing line-up, loads of events, and an exhibition.

Edit: And Philip Ardagh has flagged that Stratford-upon-Avon's Literary Festival is having their Children's Book Day on Sunday!

And I'll leave you with a music video by Gruff Rhys and Super Furry Animals called American Interior. I'd never heard of them, but my friend Louise Evans (aka Felt Mistress) designed a felt version of 18th-century explorer John Evans for the film. Apparently Evans traveled to America in 1792 on a mission to find a Welsh-speaking Native American tribe. I was mostly just psyched to see Louise's work in it, but it's a lovely song, too. You can follow Louise on Twitter as @FeltMistress.


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