Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

drawing in the park

In my earlier blog post, I said I really needed to get over to the park to do some drawing and clear my head. And I DID go to the park, and drew a tree. And yes, I'm behind on work as ever, but it was good therapy.

The next photo's where you can decide if the drawing looks anything like the actual tree in Greenwich Park. I always think trees make the best life models. That's because:

1. Trees do a pretty good job holding still.
2. It's never awkward, even though the trees are standing there stark naked.
3. Trees don't complain about the cold.
4. They don't charge you money.
5. The don't complain if you draw them in an unflattering way.

Usually I start drawings with ink lines (sometimes with a few light pencil lines to get going), but this time I had these new Letraset markers and thought I'd play around with them. I skipped using pencil and put down the blue and grey first. Leaves can be tricky, they get in the way of the interesting lines of the tree. So I drew the leave first this time, on top of the colour tone. Then I went in and drew all the black lines. It was a good experiment. I wish I'd added some elements of the background, but my bum was getting sore from sitting on the ground. Also, I find it's harder to make backgrounds look good without cluttering the page, and I chickened out.

Here's a drawing I did a couple weeks ago, using just black ink. I haven't drawn trees for awhile, and I've kind of forgotten how I used to do it. Which is frustrating at first, but also kind of good, because it makes me come up with new techniques. I think I used to focus more on the overall shape of the tree, but right now I'm paying more attention to the textures of the bark. Hmm, I might do another bark close-up for the next one.

So did going out to draw trees today clear all the cobwebs from my mind and make my work on my picture book pencil roughs go smoothly? ...Nope. It was another difficult day. Am I cross about that? Yup.

Tags: greenwich, trees

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