Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

bare arms will be all the rage this summer

I found this photo of a weird 15th-century German silver wedding goblet in a book about The Hermitage, and thought it'd be fun to draw:

This lady is so much fun; I might try her again with antlers, which is how she holds up that cup on her head.

If you're looking for drawing inspiration, have a look at Daily Doodle, where people of all different levels of skill are trying their hand at the daily theme. Here's a beautiful one by illustrator Teri Smyth, who tweeted:

Today's @Daily__Doodle is #TheLittleMermaid mine is a homage to my fave mermaid, Iris, from Oliver and The Seawigs

Thanks, Teri! You can follow her at @TeriSmyth and Daily Doodle at @Daily_Doodle. Have a look at some of the latest drawings on the #Daily_Doodle hashtag.

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