Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

moose kid comics goes live!!!

Today's a big day, for today is the launch of the MOOSE KID COMICS, 36 pages of free online family-friendly goodness from 40 of Britain's top comics creators!

With all this publicity that highbrow literary comics for grownups have been getting, it can be easy to forget how vitally important children's comics are. Moose Kid Comic is the brainchild of the amazing Jamie Smart (think the Find Chaffy books, Bunny vs Monkey weekly in The Phoenix Comic and now as a book, Desperate Dan in The Dandy, a squillion other things), and he wanted to set up a showcase of what British talent can do. Jamie's a great editor, it was fun working with him to polish up a rough strip I had in my drawer that I was hoping would see the light of day. Find out more about Moose Kid Comics in this interview with Jamie by Off Life.

And, of course, READ THE COMIC HERE!! Find out the origins of Tank Girl! And so much more! Be sure to let Jamie (and all of us!) know what you think by tweeting at @mooseheadcomics or leaving a note on its Facebook page. You can also follow Jamie at @jamiesmart.

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