Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

operation cake drop


On Tuesday, my Cakes in Space co-author Philip Reeve and I embarked on a barking mad mission to CAKE all our publicists' friends in their media fortresses. And we did it in space suits! Seeing Philip in a space suit cracks me up so much, particularly after he sent me this clip of David the android in the film Prometheus:

...Is that Reeve or what??! Anyway, Philip couldn't actually be there for the first part of the day, since he'd been away from Dartmoor in Manchester for a few days already (for our Grand Seawigs Parade). But publicist Philippa Perry and I had loads of fun running around delivering alien cupcakes, starting with The Telegraph. (Martin Chilton, you are CAKED!)

Then the BBC... CAKED! (Ha ha, the little cake has a pass.)

See all the crowds trying to get a glimpse of the famous killer cake. ...No, not really, they were there to see Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, but it was pretty funny watching them go absolutely mad when the guys came out the door.

Press Association... CAKED!

The Guardian... CAKED!

Ah, and here's Reeve, just beamed in, along with publicist Liz Scott...

The Times... CAKED!

The Bookseller and We Love This Book magazines... CAKED!

Tom Tivnan was hiding in the back of the office but we managed to cake him all the same.

And then we went on to our Cakes in Space media pre-launch party! More about that soon... Oxford University Press launches Cakes in Space at the beginning of September and we're hugely excited. (Well, I'm excited. Androids only simulate emotion, but Philip's very convincing.)

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