Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

maggie's caff

Yesterday an out-of-town friend rang up to say she and here daughter were going to be just down the road, in Lewisham, and would we like to meet for lunch? I hadn't eaten at Maggie's for at least two years, maybe more, and I'd forgotten what a brilliant classic English caff it is.

Here's my very quick sketch from memory of the woman we all assumed was Maggie but didn't dare ask. She manages to pull off that remarkable combination of being both very warm and welcoming and very scary at the same time. But she gave us endless free tea refills, which is not a common thing in London, and we were happy.

Here is my friend Ayesha, who is a champion whistler.

And here are a few illustrators whose work I've been admiring lately: two Russian bloggers, siniy_chelovek and hotshkin, and another illustrator who also draws on very eastern European folk influences, Stuart Kolakovic.
Tags: london, russian

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