Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

cakes in space launch party!

Hurrah! You're all invited to celebrate the blast-off of my new book with Philip Reeve,

Sept 13th: We having a Saturday morning family-friendly celebration at central London's gorgeous Daunt Books Marylebone, where you'll get to hear the Cakes in Space song, see the highly scientific Nom-O-Tron in action, and learn how to draw a robot! Bring your kids or come by yourself, dress up in space gear or come just as you are, it'll all be good fun. But do be sure to book your place, either by e-mailing Daunt Books at or calling them at 020 7224 2295. Here's the Cakes in Space Facebook party page, if you want to let us know if you're coming (but you'll still need to contact Daunt Books).

Now for a little peek at Cakes in Space, to whet your appetite. The book starts with Astra and her family, who are travelling to the far-off planet of Nova Mundi. It's going to take 199 years to get there, and Astra's understandably a bit nervous! But her parents reassure her that they'll all be sleeping in freezer pods, and will wake up when they arrive, as though the trip were only a single night. (Philip and I thought that there aren't enough cryonics in children's books.)

Here you can see an advert for marvellous Nova Mundi.

Astra and her family must first take a shuttle...

... and at last arrive at the mothership.

You may think I was drawing tech the whole time in this book, but you'll find some leafy scenes when Astra and her robot friend, Pilbeam, discover the ship's herbarium.

Astra shouldn't even be awake, but things on the ship have gone very wrong after she tampered with the food machine. Oh look, some aliens!

And that malfunctioning food machine - the Nom-O-Tron? Well, I just have two words for you... KILLER CAKES. Get ready for the CAKES IN SPACE. And yes, the book does contain a high-power spork battle.

See you at the party! If you can't come to that, have a peek at my Events Page, where you can see if Philip and I might be coming to your area and can sign and doodle in your book.
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