Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

mossy dartmoor

Stuart and I visited the Reeves on Dartmoor this Christmas, and went on loads of walks in the area. I love all the mossy trees and stones and lichen everywhere. Here's a photo of us by Sarah Reeve:

I keep wanting to stop and draw everything, but it's way too complicated to sketch quickly, so I took some reference photos, like this one. I love how it looks like a beardy old man - well, alien - and the raindrops make an eye and a sort of crown.

When I got back to London, I made an ink study from the photo:

I'm not sure it really works as a picture, but I had fun doing it and learned a lot about the textures and patterning.

Oh look, there's a tiny Philip Reeve down among the mossy rocks!

Ah, it's not Philip, it's his 1/48th-scale action figure.

Tags: dartmoor, morning_sketch, reeve

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