Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

dartmoor pegasus: part 10

Oh look! Suddenly I get to be in the story. ...That's one of the perks of making your own stories, you can star in them as often as you like. I actually have been trapped in the mud on Dartmoor. And the mud really does say 'SHLUCK'.

If you're curious about the Dartmoor Pegasus setting, here's an amazing time-lapse photography video by Alex Nail and Guy Richardson. The photographers have asked that it not be embedded, but you can click over to YouTube to watch it here. The only thing the photos are missing, because it's time-lapse photography, are the flightless ponies. They're really everywhere on Dartmoor.

Tags: dartmoor, dartmoor_pegasus, reeve

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