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tea and jeopardy

Writer Emma Newman hosts the most excellent podcasts called Tea and Jeopardy with her butler, Latimer, and I got to dress up, visit their chequerboard palace and have a chat with them. And I got to bring along someone special...

Do have a listen! I have a bit of a schoolgirl crush on Emma's dulcet tones; she has the most melodic speaking voice you'll ever hear. She designs and wears gorgeous costumes, and we both outdid ourselves for this podcast. It's half an hour long, and be prepared for some Light Peril.

In other news:

Last night my studio mate Elissa Elwick and I went along to the House of Illustration to celebrate the launch of illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson and writer Cerrie Burnell's new picture book, Mermaid. I've known Laura from her excellent work on Evil Emperor Penguin in The Phoenix Comic, and Stuart and I met Cerrie (who also works as a CBeebies presenter) when we were up at the Manchester Children's Book Festival last year.

Here's World Book Day UK director Kirsten Grant and my fab editor at Scholastic UK, Pauliina Malinen.

Cerrie's daughter and I drew a mermaid together:

Congratulations, Cerrie, Laura and the whole Scholastic gang!

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