Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Pugs Roadshow, Day 1

The #PugsRoadshow begins! Yesterday Philip and I visited Simply Books in Bramhall, near Manchester, and met some gorgeous pugs and some very enthusiastic families. Here you can see Betty (in my arms) and Philip in full explorer gear. (Well, he forgot his hat.)

Photo by Judy Rigby

Here's the shop, and the lovely owners, Andrew and Sue, who are hosting us on a bunch of school visits in... oh, nine minutes. Eek!

Check out these amazing knitted pugs!

And here are our lovely knitters who created them all! (You, too, can knit a pug if you want to download the free pattern, created by Ms Deadly Knitshade.)

We got to meet kids from loads of schools, including Greenbanks and Hurdsfield schools.

Dog biscuits! For people. Mmmm.

Thanks for all your help, Jill!

And lovely BOO. And Betty. LOVE.

Good journaling going on here!

We like to keep our publicist, Liz Scott, very busy with inflatables and feeding our new pug, Kathy.

He doesn't like olives, oddly. (Nor does Kathy.)

If you want to learn how to draw a pug, you can download a drawing sheet here!

And oh my, it's time to go! Coming, Liz!


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