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Check out these amazing costumes tweeted from Washington DC by @LizOnTheHill! On Instagram, she wrote: Book Character parade! Who doesn't love a people-eating cake from Cakes In Space and the Dreaded Thurlstone from Oliver and the Seawigs? ...How awesome is that!!

In the run up to Halloween, I always see debate on the Internet about acceptable ways of dressing up. A lot of my British friends think you can only wear spooky, ghastly clothing. I grew up with the American tradition that you could dress up as ANYTHING, as long as it would get you a big bag full of candy when you went door-to-door trick-or-treating. I much prefer that latter version and, to be honest, some of the older kids' scary costumes genuinely frightened me, and I don't get very excited about scaring kiddies. My costumes have included a chicken, a cat, a mouse, a painter, a witch, a pirate, and, uh, Ronald Regan. (Okay, that was a little scary.)

Tomorrow my friend and Jampires co-author David O'Connell and I will be painting Jampires on the windows at Gosh Comics! Come get your books and comics and we can sign and doodle them for you. Lots of family fun going on at Gosh that day, details here. (Visit for more free Jampires fun.)

Jampires photo tweeted by @nidpor

You can read a Jampires review of the book and comic - in rhyming verse! - by Jeremy Briggs over on DownTheTubes.

And the Internet goes wild as my studio mate Elissa Elwick posts MOOMIN GINGERBREAD on her vegan food blog. Click here for the recipe on her Tumblr page and more good stuff!
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