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norway day 6

Last night I sat through a lecture in Norwegian, which was great, because it meant Norwegian war correspondent Odd Karsten Tveit was sitting very still and I could draw him. Apparently he's a bit of a legend in Norway for not breaking stride while reporting in the middle of a gun battle.

And here's Odd in the festival Green Room with Uzbek writer Hamid Ismailov.

And here's my favourite drawing of the day, a taco-eating monster, by a girl at Sørhåland primary school. Norwegians really love their tacos.

And I really love Norwegian breakfast, especially the cinnamon rolls.

Here's singer-songwriter Maria Toresen with the daughter of one of the festival team. I love this picture, it's like an old painting.

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Today I wore a new dress by Esther Marfo, and here's SILK Festival regular, fab journalist Rosie Goldsmith.

My first event took place at Holmen by the sea, with a 50 teenagers from Skudeneshavn secondary school.


They were a very shy lot - it was impossible to get them to say anything in front of their peers - but they were nice enough otherwise and drew pugs with me.

For my second event, two official representatives from Skudeneshavn primary school came to the festival Green Room to pick me up.

These younger kids didn't speak all that much English, but they were bursting with questions and the teachers very gamely translated for us when we had any problems communicating. They were lots of fun.

Lunch time in the staff room included 'teacher candy', which I hear you can find in every staff room in Norway. (The banana-flavoured ones are usually the last to get eaten.)

And my third event was at Sørhåland primary school. I think this is the last time we'll get to draw pugs together in Norway, and they did a good job.

We had a little bit of extra time and did some general character design doodling, and they came up with some rather lovely images. I love it when kids draw really boldly, in dark pen; you get some fascinating shapes.

And here's a little glimpse at where I've been staying all week. Such a lovely street, I'll miss Skudeneshavn when I leave on Sunday.

Big thanks to teachers, organisers, kids and drivers who made today go so smoothly!
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