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It's been a funny year. My new picture book Dinosaur Police has sold steadily and Scholastic are happy, but it's my Pugs of the Frozen North with Philip Reeve and Oxford University Press that's had all the media attention. (I think because PUGS and SNOW.)

I was surprised to get a tweet from Anna James at The Bookseller to say that Pugs has been the fourth most reviewed children's book this season! I don't really know what this actually means, but I hope it means that shops will stock it. Fingers crossed, anyway.

But just so I'm not blowing our trumpet, here are a couple other Christmas reads I bigged up in The Guardian. They're not new books, but probably my favourite Christmas-themed books. My mother used to have a big cosy basket of Christmas books that she only brought down from the loft at Christmas and I'll probably spend the rest of my life trying to track them down again.

Okay, back to pugs... which I see really can pull a sled!

Lots of Christmas book round-ups! Here are a few I've spotted or people have linked for me. Thanks, Imogen Russell Williams, top pick in Metro! (I saw this while riding the Underground!)

Toby Clements at The Telegraph: (Click on the articles to find out about more books.)

Alex O'Connell at The Times:

Lovely elf-like
Robert Dunbar at The Irish Times:

(via Sarah Webb & Kim Harte)

Helen Boyle did a whole Pug Walk spread in WRD magazine:

Amanda Craig in New Stateman:

Vicky Allan at The Herald Scotland:

And Book Trust included Pugs in their advent calendar! Keep checking back to see which other books they include.

And the CLPE Winter Book List (lots of other fab books there, too):

Click here for a free pattern to knit a pug, and other pug-related fun on my website. Emily Drabble at The Guardian asked me for my book of the year, and I sent her a note explaining that I'd come up with another book if my choice was too biased. But I'd be lying if I said there was a book I enjoyed more, and I've already read the first draft of Railhead 2 and had my mind blown.

Thanks to Debbie Young for writing about crediting illustrators and #PicturesMeanBusiness on the blog of the Alliance of Independent Authors:

Big thanks to all the reviewers and journalists who included us in your reviews and round-ups!



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