Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shape challenge

Back to work or school and feeling out of shape after the holidays? Well, here's a shape! Turn it into whatever you think it might be and, if you like, tweet your image back to me with the hash tag #shapechallenge. (I'm @jabberworks on Twitter.)

Edit: And here we have some SHAPES! Two Napoleonic shapes, this one by Philip Reeve. (Spot the artist who used to draw Horrible Histories.)

And by Bavaria-based @Canzonett (on Twitter):

Here's mine:

And an excellent fry-up by @piley_:

Guardian cartoonist @RosAsquith jumped in with a marine twist:

Sam Reeve and his jellyfish with double-drink hat:

@MrEFinch cleverly turned his shape around to make this pigeon:

And over from my Facebook page, by Louise Gardner:

By Deborah Webber:

And by Darryl Cunningham:

Thanks for taking part, fellow drawing people! Here's a new shape, if you're on a roll or want to try for the first time... :)

Tags: shape_challenge

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