Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shape challenge monday

Friday's #ShapeChallenge was good fun. I missed drawing Pilbeam the robot from Cakes in Space and managed to turn the day's shape into a similar model, called the Fink-Nottlebot 2000. (Click here for a black-and-white version if you fancy turning it technicolour yourself.)

I don't know if I managed to get all of the pictures here, but it's a lovely range of ideas:

I decided to take weekends off the challenge, so I don't get too tied in to Twitter, but Ed Finch took it up and kept it going Saturday and Sunday!

Do check the #ShapeChallenge hashtag to see all the amazing drawings made using Ed's shapes!

And here's Monday's new shape. Have fun with it! :)

Tags: shape_challenge

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