Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shape challenge tuesday

You couldn't be on Twitter yesterday and not have seen the news about David Bowie, and Monday's #ShapeChallenge unsurprisingly had a Bowie theme. By @ReaditDaddy:

By @RosAsquith

By @MrsJTeaches





Also by @DazNewell (before the Bowie news broke)





By Camzon (via @mr_mrs_leigh)

By @MarcD_Weegem

By @Helenfarhan

By Mabel, age 6 and Morris, age 10 (via @MrsJTeaches)

By @SelinaLock

By @phoebecarter65

By @tobobobo

By @eruditebaboon (standing in the passport queue at Delhi airport!)

Here's a fascinating Paxman interview with David Bowie 15 years ago, about how the Internet of the future would change us:

And today's new shape. Feel free to jump in!

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