Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shape challenge wednesday

I was so busy yesterday trying to finish two book cover that I didn't get to do the #ShapeChallenge. But I very much enjoyed today's shape, I'd been hankering to draw a Kachina doll for awhile.

By @CuteNosferatu

By @ADsaxist

By @BravingOnions

By @Garbriele_Tafuni

By @DazNewall

By @SelinaLock

By @PhilipArdagh

By @Dave_Windett

By Mabel (age 6 1/2), via @MrsJTeaches

By @Helenfarhan

By @cartoonsbyRic

By @dawnadays

By @MrsJTeaches

By @AcmeDarryl

By @JoolsAWilson

By @richardjoyce

By MrEdFinch

By @phoebecarter65

By @ReaditDadddy

And today's shape. (Feel free to join in!)
Tags: shape_challenge

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