Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shape challenge thursday

Yesterday my studio mate Elissa Elwick and I had fun taking our #ShapeChallenge drawings to the local cafe on our coffee break:

Here's Elissa's drawing (@ElissaElwick):

And mine:

It was fun seeing kids jumping in on the action! These came from a library in Bury, tweeted by Miss Ryder @BGSGLibrary:

@MrsJTeaches was also glad to see her kids drawing:

By Morris (via @MrsJTeaches)

By Mabel (also via @MrsJTeaches)

By Laurence (via his mum @caro_smith1)

By @ADsaxist

By @Dave_Windett

By @its_monocat

By @MrEFinch

By @PhilipArdagh

By @edwinburrow

By @cloesuzannebon

By @cartoonsbyRic

By @MrsJTeaches

By @phoebecarter65

By @roystoncartoons

By @gill_lewis

By @ReaditDaddy

By @Helenfarhan

By @SelinaLock

By @AcmeDarryl

And here's Thursday's new shape!
Tags: shape_challenge

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