Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

#shapechallenge: a good story

Today's #ShapeChallenge drawing, with a shape set by saxophonist Alison Diamond (@ADsaxist on Twitter).

Awful news in the media today about library closures, libraries losing a quarter of staff, 343 libraries shut down since 2010. :( You can read more about it in and this article in The Bookseller. It's truly awful what this government's doing; our libraries need money to upgrade themselves, not cuts.

On a lighter note, author Michele Robinson has posted 50 things that worry her when she does Author Visits. (I think the list is going up past 60 now as people keep giving her extra things to worry about. It's very funny... and TRUE.) Read The Picture Book Event Anxiety Checklist.
Tags: morning_sketch, shape_challenge

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