Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

shark & unicorn: on ice!

Hello, I'm back! I haven't blogged for awhile, so here's a peek at a Shark & Unicorn comic strip I had in the Funday Times awhile back:

Nice and icy for summer:

And I HAVE actually been on ice and looking at glaciers! (That's my little sister on the left, getting snow water for us to filter.)

I have loads to tell you about my trip to the Pacific Northwest but first I need to catch up on a zillion e-mails (because I basically ignored e-mail for two weeks). And do some roughs for my next picture book.... you can get a tiny peek at it in this photo Elissa Elwick just took of me in the studio. And here's a peek at freshly printed copies of her new picture book with Philip Ardagh which came in while I was away! We both have picture books launching this autumn (Little Adventurers for her, The Prince of Pants for me).

Speaking of which, I just saw that bookings are open for our Prince of Pants Cartoon Museum event in London on Sat, 24 Sept from 1-2pm! Definitely book tickets if you're interested (details on the website), as the workshop space only fits about 30 people, max. It should be rollicking good fun!

Tags: elwick, prince_of_pants, shark_and_unicorn

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