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Earlier this year Stuart and I went on a Scottish Book Trust tour where two fab book people named Beth and Thomas drove us right up to the north of Scotland and worked our way back down, visiting lots of schools on the way. (You can read about that in an earlier blog post here.) So I've spent a lot of time in this car - as do a lot of illustrators and writers - and they commissioned me to decorate it! Spot the red squirrel on the bonnet:

And lots of other Scottish animals! I managed to get Vern the sheep in there (from my comic book Vern and Lettuce and it was fun drawing him again. Also, who doesn't love drawing a shaggy Highland cow in a Hawaiian shirt?

Okay, there's a badger on this side:

Please don't get culled, little badger. Badgers and libraries, they have something in common. :p (Read about Julia Donaldson's protests of the library closures in Argyll & Bute.)

Next week Children's Laureate Chris Riddell will be touring in the van, and I think writer David Almond will be using it, too. I wish them happy times on the road! Read more about the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tours here.