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Hurrah! The Prince of Pants by Alan MacDonald and me is well and truly launched!

Alan and I came up with a PANTS SONG to celebrate:

And here is Team Scholastic UK, who made the book and launch party happen!

Daunt Books is one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world and I am always thrilled when they agree to host a launch. Look, lovely window display!

Thanks so much to lovely friends who came along! Here are my husband Stuart, professional embroiderer Sami Teasdale, Martin Arnold, my studio mate Elissa Elwick and my Jampires co-author David O'Connell.

Love this! I peeked over at Elissa's desk and saw her making this Pants necklace, and Sami had been tweeting updates of her Pants crown.

Isn't it fabulous? :)

Here's architect Barnaby Gunning with his son and daughter. I was so glad for the kids who came along; this little one was laughing like a drain while we read the story and it made everything so much more fun. And she was very pleased to be able to take home her own inflatable corgi.

Here's her drawing of Prince Pip:

Here's a drawing guide if you'd like to try, but don't quite know where to start!

Click on the picture to download the file as a printable PDF!

This girl was brave enough to wear Pants on her head, and she looked great! (How many people can pull off that look so successfully?) She's with fab book reviewer Imogen Russell Williams.

Here's writer-illustrator Karl Newson (repped by the same excellent agent as me, Jodie Hodges) and lawyer Zoë Chapman:

And at the end of the night, Alan with his family. He came down from Nottingham, so he was able to have a big catch-up session with everyone. And today we're off to the Alligator's Mouth bookshop in Richmond to do a 4pm event!

Huge thanks to my editor Pauliina Malinen, who has a great sense of humour, and Strawberrie Donnelly, who is the reason the colours in The Prince of Pants are SO BRIGHT! She brought such a good look to the book and I'm very grateful to both of them for all their help and guidance. And to publicist Olivia Horrocks who was in charge of the party!

And thanks to Dan, David and Jack from the Daunt Book team!

Philip Reeve was way off on Dartmoor, but he tweeted our Alan MacDonald link:

And Philip Ardagh also celebrated from home:

Find more Prince of Pants activity sheets over on my website, and check my events page to see what we're up to!


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