Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

learning how to paint, part 3

Last night watercolour class was killer. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be painting. The instructor came and painted for a bit on my paper and told me to strengthen the colours and use more of them. Which is funny, because art college people were always telling me to kick back the colours and limit my palette. I love this, it's making my brain hurt, which means it must be good for me, right?

Then the instructor asked if we would like a nude life model next week and one of the ladies freaked out about it. Except she didn't freak out the normal way, as in someone who doesn't approve of nudity. She made it sound like it was too hard to paint people, that she signed up for the class thinking we were just going to paint flowers and fruit and stuff. So I think we'll get a clothed model next week, but she's threatened not to come anyway and stormed off at the end of class. It was all a bit fraught so a few of us had to go to the pub for an hour after the session to calm our nerves.

I totally hate this painting, but I thought it might make other people feel better if they're also learning how to use watercolour.

Tags: watercolour class

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