Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

checking in with the books!

Most of my books come out in September, and it's always a bit nerve-wracking in the run up to Christmas, wondering who is reading them? Do people like them? Are they selling enough so I can keep my job? Since I started making books with Philip Reeve, there's been a lot more flurry of activity around the books, people write reviews, tweet photos, it's amazing. Here's our most recent book together, Jinks & O'Hare Funfair Repair (which comes out in the USA in February renamed by the publisher Carnival in a Fix).

I was thrilled when author Robin Stevens tweeted this photo of Saturday's book roundup in The Times by Alex O'Connell (next to a picture by fab illustrator Tomi Ungerer).

I love seeing pictures of the people who are actually reading our books and seeing their drawings the story has inspired. Here's a great message on Twitter today from @Chuck_Eldridge in the USA. Check out this pug sled!

And it's wonderful to see Pugs of the Frozen North in the New York Public Library's 100 Best Books for Kids list! Thanks to MG Leonard for posting that link and our Dutch translator Sandra Hessels for flagging it!

Booktrust has done a nice review of The Prince of Pants by Alan MacDonald and me (thanks, Booktrust!) but I find picture books get far less reviews and social media attention than longer chapter books, possibly because little kids don't review books and they're not as long for adults to enjoy. At first I thought it might mean my picture books weren't being read as much, but when I got my Public Lending Right statement this year, I realised There's a Shark in the Bath accounted for a vast amount of my books checked out that year from libraries. So they ARE being read, hooray!

If you want to give me a Christmas prezzie and you liked my picture books, an online review (in lieu of chocolate) would be gratefully received. :)

Don't forget, there are related activities on my website for each book: explore them here!

And I can also recommend The Phoenix Comic online shop for a great range of high-quality family-friendly comics (books or a subscription), if you're looking for holiday gifts. They sell my Vern and Lettuce comic, but I'd just as happily recommend any of the other comics, they're all fab.

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