Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

loft magic

I've been covered in dust most of this week while Stuart and I do some DIY around the flat to try to sort out our storage problem. We laid some floorboards in the loft and I got to be a pretty mean chick with a circular saw and a jigsaw. I made a sketch up there this morning, but didn't have time to finish it before Stuart was ready to start work.

I always think lofts and attics are such amazing spaces. It's so strange how we generally hide away the most beautiful architecture in the whole building.

Last night I went with Sue Eves to the Illustration Cupboard to see the MA degree show for Cambridge School of Art (Martin Salisbury's group). The work turned out to be very traditional, but there were some nice pieces there. I liked a series of fantastical bull terrier pictures by Daniel Barry, slightly reminiscent of Angela Barrett's work, but he doesn't have a website. Jennifer Miles had some interesting pieces, as did Joanna Walker. But again, no website. I can't believe people go to all the trouble of putting up a postgraduate degree show and printing all these publicity postcards without at least building a basic web page, or somewhere people can refer to their work online. I mean, even a single page on LiveJournal or Blogger would be better than nothing. You'd think it would be a course requirement.
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