Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

those ethiopian psalter guys

Ha ha, I love these dudes so much.

This was today's #PortraitChallenge over at the Virtual Studio (@StudioTeaBreak on Twitter), and here's the original drawing from a 20th-century Ethiopian Psalter by an unknown artist, kept at the University of Oregon Museum of Natural & Cultural History (which I discovered here on BibliOdyssey).

It's been so fun seeing people take up the drawing challenges this year! We've kind of pared it down to #MythicalMashup on Monday, Alison Diamond's environmental #ShapeChallenge on Tuesday, #ShapeChallenge on Wednesday, #PortraitChallenge on Thursday, and Fri-Sun to catch up on anything we missed during the week. But we can always shake it up, and people are welcome to set out new challenges. (Read more about it on the Virtual Studio webpage.) This is @boydraws' first time taking part, and it's great:

From @Dave_Windett:

From @jayceek33:

From @Dark_Derek:

And this one by @cartoonsidrew made me laugh:

Feel free to explore the #PortraitChallenge hashtag over the holidays and catch up with any you missed! Other people use the hashtag, too, but you can spot our drawings if they have '@StudioTeaBreak' mentioned in them. :)
Tags: portraits

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