Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

market morning

I took Yoko on a brisk morning walk to the market and came away with a couple disparate items. Here's my five-minute pictorial summary:

Here's a website I'd like to explore when I get a moment, the British Animation Awards.
I just wrote Write Away reviews of two Australian books: a funny wordless picture book/ comic hybrid called The Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard and a graphic novel/picture book called The Island by Armin Greder.
And my dear illustration evening-class tutor from years and years ago, Elizabeth Harbour, sent me a link to a Kent TV interview. It's very twee and local, but kind of funny for it. (If you scroll down a ways, the clip title is 'Julie Maddocks meets artist Elizabeth Harbour'). Her works will be on sale at Liberty Gallery in West Malling, on the Pilgrims Way.
Tags: webcomic

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