Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

dartmoor working visit

I had a few days while Stuart was in Paris on a business trip where I was planning to work on my own in the studio. But the Reeves said, 'Why don't you come work here?' and I thought, Why not?

Philip has the most amazing powers of concentration; he managed to write a whole short story in one day (and a good one, he let me read it in the evening!). I'm at the yellow table, inking pictures for our next book.

One of the problems of illustrating is that I end up sitting at my desk all day, and if I'm not strict with myself (and I'm not), getting chubby. So we had another day of hardcore walking exercise, where we encountered quite a lot of wildlife!

Here are some of Dartmoor's famous wild ponies.

Not that wild, they sometimes let me pet them. I was totally smitten with this one:

And, of course, the wild Poodle of the Baskervilles:

Thanks for hosting me, lovely Reeves! :)

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