Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

#portraitchallenge with the barnes collection

When I pick subjects for Thursday #PortraitChallenge on Twitter, I love to link the artworks back to their museums, if I can find out where they're are based. The best thing is when employees from the museum get excited and interact with us on Twitter! The Barnes Collection recently put half of their artwork online for the general public to see, and they were thrilled to see us making use of it. Read my interview here about it, and why it's such a particularly big deal in the case of the Barnes:

Do jump in on any of the @StudioTeaBreak challenges if you're interested! It doesn't matter if you can barely draw at all, or if you're a kid, or 99. It's all good practice. (Read more about @StudioTeaBreak here.)
Tags: #portraitchallenge, interviews, portraits

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