Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

go easy on the soy sauce, iris!

Here's a little picture of Iris the mermaid getting sloshed on soy sauce. (Careful, Iris! You'll end up in a stir fry!)

Here's the picture I actually drew onto a card. I got the idea for the splattered soy sauce when I accidentally got my hand in the ink and messed up the picture.

It's actually a thank you card for Paul Gehl and Rob Carlson, who invited Audrey Niffenegger, Eddie Campbell, me, and another Paul around for a very tasty dinner, to take part in an experimental cookbook project. Everyone had a couple pages of a cookbook compiled by Russel Maret, and he wanted them to decorate, or splash, or annotate the pages, or whatever they wanted. And yesterday Audrey passed on from them to me one of the 250 facsimile editions of the printed-up book, Hungry Bibliophiles: An Experiment in Utilitarian Bookmaking, which was a lot of fun to see! Our dinner group did the most drawing and writing on the pages, we were all in fairly high spirits.

Here's Audrey's drawing of Eddie and me:

And this is the mermaid link, I think inspired by the term 'sassy salad'. (What is a sassy salad?)

Tags: niffenegger, seawigs

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