Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

pictures mean business: a bookselling nod in futurebook 40

Oh hey, there are some familiar faces in this list! In The Bookseller:

But what the FutureBook 40 can do is provide a representative selection of the innovative work going on around books.On our inaugural list, you’ll find a mix of disruptors working from with the establishment, entrepreneurs rapidly proving their worth, and hungry new talents just starting to elbow their way in. You’ll find publishers, agents, writers, booksellers, academics, events organisers, designers, illustrators, consultants and a good few hybrids. You’ll discover people innovating across every area of the industry - in a way that is focused on solving real problems, rather than simply getting buzzwords in the press. (Read the full article and list here.)

Congratulations to everyone in the list, all people who are worth checking out to find out more about what they do. Big thanks to The Bookseller for its continued support of the #PicturesMeanBusiness campaign to get illustrators properly credited for our work, and taken seriously as contributors to the bookselling industry. And thanks to my publishers - OUP Childrens, Scholastic UK and David Fickling Books - my agent Jodie Hodges, and my co-authors (Philip Reeve, David O'Connell and others) for being so supportive and understanding that I felt able to speak out about these issues without being frightened they've drop me. (Find out more about #PicturesMeanBusiness here.)
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