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bog eyed book festival 2018

Congratulations to Bog Eyed Books for launching their first book festival! That would be my ol' studio mate Gary Northfield and his partner Nicky Evans, who've recently started publishing comics! Here's Gary last Wednesday with Tor Freeman, one of the comic artists who ran workshops at the lovely new community centre at Lesnes Abbey in Abbey Wood.

I was lucky enough to get to sit in on Tor's workshop, then I did one featuring the animal tower block setting of The New Neighbours. (Together we all designed our own tower blocks, and if you'd like to design your own, you can print out a template here.)

Tweeted by @BogEyedBooks

Here's Wilbur Dawbarn, who led the first workshop about drawing character movement. And that's his book published by Bog Eyed, which you can find out about (and buy) on their website.

And lovely author Swapna Haddow came along and brought her family!

Here are Nicky and Tor with some of the books on display. (The two on the left are published by Bog Eyed Books.)

The festival had a Comic Jam wall:

Tweeted by @SwapnaHaddow

This girl brought a book absolutely chock-a-block with stories she'd been writing and drawing!

The venue's gorgeous, looking out over the picturesque ruins of the abbey, which dates back to 1178.

A big hurrah for the whole festival team! Gary and Nicky hinted the festival might happen again, so fingers crossed. :)

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