Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

launching today... DINOSAUR FIREFIGHTERS!!!

NEE-NAR NEE-NAR! Today's the big day, Dinosaur Firefighters to the rescue!

dinosaur firefighters

You can read here about the story behind Dinosaur Firefighters, and to mark the day, I'm offering a couple new things on my website, including this full-colour poster to print of the whole Dinoville Fire Brigade! Free, and perfect for libraries, schools and bedrooms. (Give a shout if you're a fire station and you're displaying it!)

Learn how to draw Dipsy Diplodocus, who wants more than anything to be a Dinoville firefighter!

And one more thing, a big Dinosaur Firefighters poster for you (or something you know) to colour yourself! (Available here in A3 and A4.)

Dinosaur Firefighters should be available in all good bookshops: start with your local independent if you can! Also Page 45 in Nottingham ships both the hardcover and paperback internationally, so you can buy it direct from them. Read owner Stephen Holland's amazing Dinosaur Firefighters review here!

Keep reading...

London's Gosh Comics in Soho will be stocking lots of copies (which I can sign for you, along with The New Neighbours this Saturday, 5 May, from 11am-noon).

TO BUY ONLINE: Here's a Page 45 link, a Foyles link, Waterstones link, Scholastic shop, and Amazon. If you're an independent shop and have a direct link to buy Dinosaur Firefighters on your website, please let me know so I can link to you!

I have several events lined up; find out if I'm in your area!

EDIT: Already one picture in of someone having fun with the colouring sheet! Thanks for tweeting this, Maria! :)

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