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On Saturday, the 5th of May, Gosh Comics in Soho hosted a big fun day of drawing! It coincided with Free Comic Book Day, and people queued down the street in Soho to get free comics, but it was more than that; lots of families came to meet creators, sit around a table and make comics with us. My favourite part about it was getting to read comics that kids had brought from home - I got to see some real talent!

Photo by Mauricio Molizane de Souza for Gosh London

The brilliant thing about making comics is that kids don't have to wait until they grow up to be comics artists, they can do it right now; all it takes to self-publish comics is a photocopier or home scanner/printer.

Loved these by the girl in the green cap:

Here's a comic we made! (I mostly just helped by adding speech bubbles.)

The event was sort of billed as a workshop, but there were so many people in there, and it was quite loud, so most of us just ended up talking with kids one-on-one, which they seemed to enjoy.

Photo by Mauricio Molizane de Souza for Gosh London

Here's a Comic Jam by this talented kid and Ben Tomczyk-Bowen.

I shared the time slot with Tor Freeman (pictured here) and Joe List.

Photo by Mauricio Molizane de Souza for Gosh London

Check out Sandra Dieckmann's excellent headgear:

Thanks for the fab portrait, Lily!

Excellent Jampire:

Love this character design!

I have a couple new books out: The New Neighbours and Dinosaur Firefighters. Big thanks to Gosh for stocking those. I signed a lot of copies, so they might even still have some for sale if you want to pop in to the shop!

So great running into lots of awesome comics people! Here are three of my all-time fave comic artists: Tom Gauld, Simone Lia and Stephen Collins in the break room...

Even time for a quick coffee down the road with Karen Rubins!

Even some costumes, hooray!

Photo by Mauricio Molizane de Souza for Gosh London

Thanks to manager Andrew Salmond, Nora Goldberg and the rest of the Gosh team for hosting a fantastic day!



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