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dinosaur firefighters at st george's weybridge

Last week I brought my brand-new Dinosaur Firefighters book to share with St George's Junior School in Weybridge. And we had a lot of fun drawing Dipsy the Diplodocus!

Photo from St George's Junior School blog

I hadn't tried this book with any kids yet, and I didn't know if the drawing might be too complicated, but my fears were groundless - they did a terrific job!

Photo from St George's Junior School blog

Check out some of these great Diplodocus drawings!

I love how they all look like awesome Diplodocuses, but they all have completely their own personalities, too.

The librarian at St George's, Angela Disher, her team of helpers, and the teachers were all brilliant in getting the kids excited for my visit. Preparing kids is at least 50% of what makes a successful Author Visit; when they're excited and ready to hear what I have to present, they get so much more out of it. This time it was... HATS!! They'd done some research, realised I love big fancy hats, and all made their own! Here's the fab display in the library:

Here are some close-ups of these hats - a lot of work has gone into these beauties!

One of the fun things of doing Authors Visits is discovering who's been at the school before... can you guess this artist? (Answer at the bottom of the article!)*

Not only did the school do great preparation, but they had amazing follow-up, too. In fact, this write-up was posted in the library before I'd even finished signing books and left!

Teachers, if you want to download any more free drawing tutorials related to each of my books, you can find them by clicking on each book cover on my website here.

And you can read more about the visit and see more photos on St George's blog, right here.

Huge thanks to Angela Disher, her excellent team, the teachers, and Scholastic UK for putting together this visit! Angela wrote today to say 'Teachers and pupils are still talking about your visit and drawing dinosaurs!!'... which is exactly what I love hearing. Thank you!

*Mystery artist: Nicholas Allan, writer and illustrator of The Queen's Knickers and many other fine books!
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