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Hey, I have news! My Jampires co-author David O'Connell are teaching online courses about how to create children's picture books!

If you're interested, it's booking now, and you have three options: Writing a Children's Picture Book with David, Illustrating a Children's Picture Book with me, or a combined course, Writing & Illustrating a Children's Picture Book with both of us!

We've been working hard writing up the course notes, and the Hadley Brothers crew have been in the studio filming.

London was absolutely boiling hot on Monday and we couldn't open the doors or windows because of the outdoors noises, so it was pretty hellish. (I dashed out and bought what must've been the last available fan on the high street.)

But the next day was cooler and the sessions were a lot more fun to make, with agent Anna Davis there with her clipboard, making sure I covered all the points we'd talked about. Here we are in the courtyard, having lunch in our makeshift catering area.

Here's our editor, Anna, who started up the courses by teaching creative writing. (Click here if you want to find out about her courses.)

When my agent, Jodie Hodges, passed on the job to me, I wrote back a bit nervously, wondering if it would be disloyal to do some work for a different agency, particularly when I'm very happy with her as my agent. But she was totally fine with it, and she's good friends with one of the Curtis Brown agents, so it's all good. This was the first time Anna had dealt with an illustration course - there's a lot more visuals involved in the filming, so the camera crew has to move around a lot more. But it was a great challenge, and I'm so curious to see how the final footage will come out. Thanks to Anna, Hadley Brothers Tom, Malcolm and Jack, and sound engineer Chase Coley for all your patience! Here are Dave and me mucking about with the clapperboard:

Links to all three courses:

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