Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

the legend of kevin - so shiny!!

Publication of our first Roly-Poly Flying Pony book, The Legend of Kevin, lies just around the corner! (September 6th, to be exact!) And lovely, reliable Page 45 bookshop in Nottingham is now taking orders for ***100 special bookplate editions***! Get 'em here before they run out! (And they ship internationally.)

Philip Reeve's going to sign them with me next week when he's in London - he'll be joining me at the end of my Waterstones Covent Garden event on Tuesday, 7 August, to do some book signing. Kevin books won't be available then, but the first time you can buy them and get us to sign them in person will be at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Tues, 14 Aug. Look, lovely shiny:

Our designer at Oxford University Press, Holly Fulbrook, spiced up the book with all sorts of shiny and glittery bits on the cover and spine, and it makes a great package! (Thank you, Holly!) Can't wait to see Kevin released into the wild.

Tags: reeve, rolypolyflyingpony

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