Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

waterstones covent garden

Big thanks to Jo Halpin & Nick Campbell for hosting and inviting me to do an event for The New Neighbours and Dinosaur Firefighters at the Waterstones branch in Covent Garden!

And special points for effort from this family who were visiting London from Israel and checked my website to see if I was doing any events while they were in town.

They even brought along the full set of books by Philip Reeve and mepublished in Hebrew!!

Their son, Yotam, drew me this special bunny picture:

We also drew T-Rexes!

If anyone would like free drawing tutorials, I have a bunch on my website with each book. And check on my Events page to see what other events I have coming up!

And here's a photo Ariel Kahn tweeted, in action:

Here's the store manager Jo Halpin, who made everything run so smoothly and be so much cosy fun.

And my former studiomate and craftivist Deadly Knitshade (aka Lauren O'Farrell) with her family. (Lauren created the pattern for the Knitted Polar Pug, which you can download here.) A fun event all 'round, thanks to everyone involved! :)

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