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waterstones covent garden launches kevin!

The Legend of Kevin, the first Reeve & McIntyre book in the Roly-Poly Flying Pony series, is officially LAUNCHED! Big thanks to Waterstones Covent Garden who last week hosted the party!

The evening before the launch, my co-author Philip Reeve and I climbed up into the window with our Posca pens and got busy drawing, while tourists and theatre goers strolled by. By the time we were finished, the sun had set and it was hard to make our what we'd drawn, so we were keen to have a fresh look the next day.

And here it is, our Kevin window! And a rather enormous hat I made, and a dress Esther Marfo made for me. And... what is that, is that a real 3D Kevin??

Photo by Stuart Pyle

It is! A very squeezable, lovely, roly-poly flying pony!

Photo by Stuart Pyle

Here's artist Chloe Applin, who created three Kevins for Philip, me, and Oxford University Press. We'd been following her progress on her Instagram account, but launch day was the first day I got to meet Kevin properly, which was rather thrilling.

Here's a photo publicist Hannah Penny took en route:

Two of our most exciting guests were Nick and Alec, who had come all the way from the Keswick area in the Lake District to London, just for the day!! And Alec brought this lovely card:

Alec is one of our most keen @StudioTeaBreak contributors and the artist whose progress I most enjoy following (@CFcomiX), so I was thrilled to see them both there!

Photo by Candy Gourlay

I'd been to the launch of Nick's wife/Alec's mum in the same bookshop (The House with Chicken Legs) and noticed she was pregnant, but I didn't realise just HOW close she was to giving birth! Fortunately the baby waited until the NEXT MORNING so Nick was able to get home on time to deliver her.

Congratulations, Nick, Sophie, Alec and family!

In The Legend of Kevin, our pony absolutely adores custard creams, so OUP provided a Giant Custard Cream, which was pretty awesome.

I was a bit worried my hat might not have enough ceiling clearance, and while it fit, exactly, it scraped along like the rod of a dodgem car.

Photos by Candy Gourlay

Here's a song we sang (filmed by Candy):

And we did drawing! First we showed off some of ours, then we led everyone in drawing Kevin.

Photos by Candy Gourlay

They did a great job!

Photo by Candy Gourlay

Here are drawings by Alex Milway and Barnaby Gunning:

The event involved quite a lot of Kevin cuddling. I didn't get a photo of my friend Chitra Soundar or or her sister, but I did get this lovely one of her mum:

And Philip treated us to a round of dad dancing:

Photos by Candy Gourlay

I only managed to take a smattering of random photos, but the author Candy Gourlay took a few more, so I'll post some of those. (Thank you, Candy!!)

Photo by Candy Gourlay

Ah, it's Candy Gourlay herself! And Nick Cross, whom I also first met through the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators.

Awhile back, School Librarian Kate Gieler got inspired by the Pictures Mean Business campaign and the whole Glebe Primary School named their different classes after illustrators. How cool is that?! So there's a class called 3 McIntyre in West Sussex, and I couldn't be more proud.

Here's Alison Diamond - @ADSaxist on Twitter - who helps lead @StudioTeaBreak challenges on Tuesday. I'd never met her before, not online, so it was great getting to see her in person!

It was lovely to see Alison, from the incredibly valuable Books For Topics website, which gives reading recommendations for teachers when they're looking for books about various subjects. (You can follow her on Twitter at @booksfortopics.)

Photo tweeted by @booksfortopics

Authors tend to get other authors at launches, and this was no exception! Here's Canadian writer Jeff Norton, who's Stomp School launch I went to awhile back (a picture book illustrated by Leo Antolini).

Lovely Kevin drawings! I don't always get to see individual drawings when we're drawing as a big group, and I love it when people are able to bring them up at the signing and show me so I can look more closely.

I was so excited to see opera tenor Nicky Spence and pianist Dylan Perez in the audience! Nicky had been away singing in Paris, but he and Dylan managed to make it to the launch and I was well chuffed.

If you remember, he's the one who sang this beautiful line of our Kevin song:

It's writer and comedian Mo O'Hara! Kevin looks a bit odd photographed straight on, we've discovered, like a man with a very little head and tiny arms, but a very long, huge centaur body.

Here's amazing teacher Claire Williams! Claire's been one of our most amazing school supporters, in UKLA and with her own enthusiastic class. Today she tweeted that her class are loving The Legend of Kevin:

Beyoncé the guinea pig was the talk of the playground the other day! Promised custard creams when we read the last chapter ...but not every time we read it as requested!

Tweeted by Claire at @_borntosparkle

Great to see Charlotte Hacking from CLPE and her daughter!

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to the launch, and to publicist Hannah Penny and Liz Scott (pictured here) who organised it! You both were amazing.

And to bookseller Ella, and store manager Jo Halpin who hosted us and helped things run so smoothly. You were wonderful!

We did a quick change of clothes in the staff rooms and were off to Birmingham for the next leg of the launch. Stay tuned for more Legend of Kevin updates!
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