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Okay, the closest I've come to a sketch today is doctoring a magazine picture to make a quick card:

This morning was the first time I went rowing in a fine boat on the river, not just in this massively heavy thing they call 'The Tub'. Our trip out was fraught: the water was choppy and the 'stroke' man we were following discovered his legs didn't really fit in the stern seat and we had to swap around, and everything was very wobbly. The different clubs were getting in fights about who should be in which part of the river when the tide was turning, and all while we were being nearly swamped by the huge passing catamarans. We almost-newbies tottered to the next-door pub for coffee afterwards to nurse our shattered egos.

I used to illustrate books with a lovely writer named Laura Hurwitz, who has remained a wonderful friend and she often makes me laugh with her funny entries on Lolliblog.
Edit: Here's Laura's new blog!

Here's a bunch of talking heads on a panel, but talking about comics, which makes it a bit more interesting: click here on Publisher's Weekly for Joe Quesada from Marvel, John Cunningham from DC, Dan Frank from Pantheon, Rich Johnson from Yen Press and Bill Schanes from Diamond Comic Distributors.

And I don't normally listen to football on the radio, but I had to switch it on to hear Portsmouth knock Man United out of the FA Cup quarter-final, sending lil ol' Portsmouth to the semi-finals for the first time since 1939!

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