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kevin in devon: bbc spotlight & exetreme imagination festival 2018

Kevin was on telly! Swirling and swooping about the tors, as he does.

And here are his creators, trying to appear as much like Legends as possible, and looking out for their roly-poly friend.

Photo by Stuart Pyle

Ah, there's Kevin, nestled among Bonehill Rocks.

Plushie Kevin created by Chloe Applin

Here are Emma Ruminski and Stewart the cameraman, who interviewed us and shot footage for BBC Spotlight.

And publicist Philippa Perry, who set up the whole thing, and my husband, Stuart, who ran around taking photos, looking after the dog and being generally helpful and amazing. Thanks to you all!

Yes, I am wearing a ballgown on the moor, this is standard Dartmoor apparel...

Photo by Emma Ruminski

Here's Frodo, the Reeve family's poodle, giving me a Long Look before I went out. He's not used to seeing massive frocks.

And then we hit the streets of Exeter! Here are am, doing my best Imperator Voluminosa pose. (We decided that was my new stage name after seeing airport signs for 'heavy luggage' in Sardinia.)

Photo by Philip Reeve

We did a Legend of Kevin stage event for Exetreme Imagination festival at the excellent Exeter Phoenix Arts centre. Here we are, getting the audience to help us turn a drawing of Kevin into a story. (The picture in the background is actually a tiny bit of driftwood that Philip drew the original Kevin on, way back in the 1980s when he lived in Brighton.)

Photo by Alexandra Green @SouthbySW on Twitter

Of course, we got everyone drawing! Here are some of their lovely fat flying ponies. (You can learn how to draw Kevin here on my website.)

Big thanks to organiser Debra Myhill and Exetreme Imagination festival for inviting us, and Elspeth Graham for helping us to present awards to children who'd won prizes in a writing competition.

And thanks to Crediton Community Bookshop for providing books for people to read!

Right, now a few more photos from the trip... doing events in the west country is always such a good excuse to have a stomp around on Dartmoor. I was so glad Stuart could come along this time!

The autumn light there is amazing, all orange-y on the bracken. On Saturday, Philip had a Mortal Engines event in Exeter, so Sarah Reeve, Stuart and I went on a great 13-mile hike.

Here's a little look at Dartmoor wildlife... I love the Dartmoor ponies. Here I am with one, having a bit of a love-in. They tend to be quite skittish, but this one let me pet him.

Heart-breakingly cute Highland calf:

Ahhhhh - another one!

And here's Stuart with the Poodle of the Baskervilles. Very fierce, he is, all trimmed and perfumed from the hairdresser.

Thanks so much for looking after us, Sarah & Philip!

Right before we went home, Stuart and I had lunch near Exeter station, at a pub that looked right out of his Mortal Engines, possibly the Gasbag & Gondola:

The biggest thanks to Stuart, for all his patience during this busy month of touring! And for wearing the brightly coloured shirts I buy for him, they look terrific.

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